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Quasar Science 8′ Rainbow 2 RGBX LED Light Kit
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Quasar Science 8′ Rainbow 2 RGBX LED Light Kit


  • Luminous Output: 2’: 1266 lumens / 4’: 2,843 lumens / 8’: 3,944 lumens
  • Wattage: 2’: 25W / 4’: 50W / 8’: 100W
  • Wireless DMX (CRMX), Bluetooth & WiFi
  • 0-100% Continuous Onboard Dimming, 3 Output Levels
  • RGBX Spectral Science Color Engine
  • CCT Range of 1,750K – 10,000K

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Quasar Science 8′ Rainbow 2 RGBX LED Light Kit

Creative agility, ultimate control

The Rainbow 2 (R2) is the premier linear LED for motion picture and content creation. From lighting actors to environments, high quality tunable white light and the highest RGB color saturation with multiple pixels maintaining super smooth, flicker free dimming, the R2 will be your workhorse. This linear LED light offers incredible data connectivity whether wired or wireless and can be powered anywhere via AC and DC power inputs. Integrated Ossium Mounting System (OMS) allows for rigging in ways previously unobtainable.

Features & Benefits

  • Color Control – An industry-first perceptually distributed color palette created by our advanced color science research provides artists instinctual lighting control. In addition, Spectral Control, a new technical and creative tool, provides artists complete control over any color’s spectral fingerprint.
  • Color Science – The RGBX Spectral Science Color Engine produces spectrally based color calibration for more than one billion available colors.
  • Pixelation – With more pixels and greater control than other tube lights, the Rainbow 2 produces more realistic animation to take your lighting effects to a whole new realm.
  • Mounting – Ossium Mounting System (OMS) integrates seamlessly and efficiently with industry standard hardware for safer, faster rigging with greater precision and style.
  • Connectivity – The Rainbow 2 has a built-in Ethernet Node expanding data versatility.


MFG #: 924-2303

What's Included

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