Manfrotto Fast GimBoom Carbon Fibre

Original price was: $249.95.Current price is: $219.95.

  • Universal fitting with your Gimbal (3/8” & 1/4” top screw)
  • Payload up to 14.3 lbs at the maximum Gimboom extension
  • FAST Twisting lock technology for quick and easy use.
  • Exceptionally lightweight with its 1.76 lbs-full carbon fibre
  • Full extended (45.27in) double compared to the minimum working length

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Manfrotto Fast Gimboom Carbon Fibre Product Image
Manfrotto Fast GimBoom Carbon Fibre $249.95 Original price was: $249.95.$219.95Current price is: $219.95.

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Manfrotto Fast GimBoom Carbon Fibre

The Manfrotto Fast GimBoom Carbon Fibre is the revolutionary new FAST carbon fibre boom developed by Manfrotto with universal fitting for your Gimbal.

From ground level to overhead position (drone perspective), the new Manfrotto GimBoom allows you to get more versatile and flexible use from your Gimbal, raising your production values to the next level.

An image showing a GimBoom in tripod formation with a Gim-Pod and a man using the Manfrotto MVG300XM gimbal handle as a remote to follow the action as a women walks down a path.
A photo showing an extended Manfrotto GimBoom, highlighting the fast-twisting capabilities.
An image showing a smoke filled room with tube lights and a cameraman hoisting a gimbal and camera high above his head using the Manfrotto GimBoom.

Thanks to its standard 3/8” and 1/4” top attachment screw, the GimBoom guarantees an easy connection with your Gimbal. It’s exceptionally compact (hand baggage size with 20 inches minimum operating height) and lightweight (1.76 lbs) And, thanks to its carbon-fibre construction – capable of taking a payload of 14.3 lbs at maximum extension – the GimBoom is also incredibly strong.

The unique FAST Twisting Lock makes it quick and simple to deploy and extend, allowing the user to control the entire boom with a single gesture. With two risers and three telescopic sections, the full extended length is more than double (45.27in) the minimum operating length (20.07in), while the intuitive graphic design means locking and unlocking the boom have never been easier.

Three thread connectors arranged at 120° on the top of the middle section enable the GimBoom to pair with dedicated GimBoom accessories, with a handy rubber cap to avoid damage when placing it on the ground.

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Weight: 0.8 kg
Maximum Height: 115 cm
Closed Length: 51.5 cm
Leg Sections: 3
Safety Payload Weight: 6.5 kg

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(1) Manfrotto Fast GimBoom Carbon Fibre


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