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Mackie OnyxGO Wireless Clip-On Mic

Mackie OnyxGO Wireless Clip-On Mic


  • For Streaming, Podcasting & Interviews
  • Works with iOS and Android Devices
  • Wireless Microphone with Bluetooth
  • Omnidirectional for Consistent Levels

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Mackie OnyxGO Wireless Clip-On Mic

Clip It and GO

Mackie’s OnyxGO Mic is a completely self-contained wireless mic system for your smartphone. No receiver or cables to deal with. Just pair it, clip it on, and you are ready to rock. And with the OnyxGO app, you have a pro-studio’s worth of recording options and voice-enhancing processing at your fingertips.

Record and Mix Phone Calls

With the OnyxGO app, you can record your voice from OnyxGO mic as well as any incoming calls. Great for interviews, podcasting, and live streaming right from your phone.

Monitor Right from OnyxGO Mic

Equipped with a headphone output, OnyxGO Mic enables you to monitor everything, even if you are away from your phone. You can even use it as a wireless adapter for wired headphones or earbuds.

Keep the Focus on You, Not the Noise

We’ve all experienced recordings where your voice is forced to fight against background noise. Win that battle once and for all with built-in noise reduction for squeaky clean recordings and calls.

Enhance Your Sound

Not only does OnyxGO Mic make professional quality recording on the go possible, it also provides a suite of voice-enhancing tools to take your sound to the next level. With voice-changing effects, 5-band EQ, and reverb, you can find your new voice with OnyxGO Mic.

Get It in Writing

Need a transcription or subtitles? The AI-powered OnyxGO app will automatically generate a full transcript and subtitle file for your recording.

Stay in Sync

Recording video? OnyxGO Mic will automatically keep your audio in sync with your video, so you can stream and record worry-free.

Add a Second OnyxGO Mic

The app is capable of two-channel audio, so if you add a second OnyxGO Mic (available separately), you can record two people wirelessly for interviews, duets, instructional videos, performances, and more.


MFG #: 2053721-00

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