Aputure Accent B7C RGBWW Bulb Light


  • Battery-operated 7W RGBWW color-mixing LED
  • Features a standard E26/27 lamp socket screw
  • Matches color temperature range of the Nova P300c
  • Produces color temperature range of 2,000K-10,000K
  • CRI and TLCI values of 95+/tungsten SSI score of 85

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Aputure Accent B7C RGBWW Bulb Light


The Accent B7c is a battery-operated 7W RGBWW color-mixing LED light bulb, and the first product in Aputure’s Accent family of “practical” LED lights built for filmmakers, with a unique combination of features no other light has.


The B7c features a standard E26/27 lamp socket screw connector making it compatible with a wide variety of lamps anywhere in the world. Its light bulb form factor allows users to more naturally integrate programmable, color-mixing, practical lighting into any scene.


The Accent B7c matches the color temperature range of the Nova P300c, Aputure’s most advanced color mixing light, producing a wide color temperature range of 2,000K-10,000K. And when combined with Sidus Link’s SourceMatch feature, it can match nearly any white light source.


Unlike typical household LED bulbs, the Accent B7c uses cinema-grade LEDs to reproduce immaculate skin tones — with impeccable CRI and TLCI values of 95+, and a tungsten SSI score of 85, outpacing industry-standard lights.


Utilizing Aputure’s unique RGBWW LED configuration, the B7c bulb is able to produce over 90% of the saturated colors in the Rec.2020 color space, putting it on par with industry-standard lighting instruments.


TThe Accent B7c like all Aputure products is made with filmmakers in mind. Unlike consumer LED smart bulbs, the B7c features 20KHz stepless dimming that remains completely flicker-free up to at least 1,000fps with no color shift.


The B7c is also the first bulb designed for filmmakers to have a built-in battery, powering the B7c for over 70 minutes at full power, and over 20 hours as it approaches minimum brightness.


The B7c’s unique internal battery allows the B7c to have multiple power supply modes: AC & Battery (DC). In AC power mode the B7c retains its last settings and turns on and off like a traditional light bulb, allowing for natural interactions with actors.


Using an aluminum metal structure and a unique toroidal diffusion design, the B7c spreads lights evenly while also maintaining absolute stealth on-camera.


The Accent B7c is the only LED smart bulb to feature on-board buttons for both brightness and CCT control, allowing users to adjust intensity and CCT presets in a few simple clicks, without even connecting it to the Sidus Link app.


Using built-in Sidus Mesh technology, the B7c can also be controlled wirelessly via a smartphone or iPad using the Sidus Link app, allowing filmmakers to fine-tune CCT, brightness, color, and FX, as well as use SourceMatch and ColorPicker modes to match nearly any color.


Through Sidus Link, the Accent B7c has access to built-in lighting FX, as well as SidusProTM FX such as PickerFX, Manual FX, and Magic Program, producing an ecosystem that allows creatives to design a myriad of unique programmable FX.


MFG #: APC0146A7B


Color Temperature 2,000K – 10,000K
CRI 95+ (2,500 – 10,000K)
TLCI 96+ (2,500 – 10,000K)
CQS 95+
SSI (Tungsten) 85
SSI (D56) 74
Lumens 570
Lamp Socket Type E26/E27
Control Methods On-board Controls, Sidus Link App
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth Mesh
Operating Voltage 100V~240V
Operating Current 0.12A
Max LED Output 7W
Max Power Draw 12W
Operating Temperature -10-40°C
Lithium-polymer Battery 1300mAh 7.4V
Operating Battery Life – Max Brightness 70+ minutes
Operating Battery Life – Min Brightness 20+ hours
Charing Time 2h (standby mode or powered off)
Cooling Method Passive Cooling
Product Dimensions φ70mm*118mm/φ2.75*4.64in
Weight 240g/0.529lb


CCT Distance 0.3 0.5 1m
2000K Lux 470 180 46
2000K Footcandles 44 17 4
2700K Lux 860 330 87
2700K Footcandles 80 31 8
3200K Lux 885 345 89
3200K Footcandles 82 32 8
4300K Lux 970 370 100
4300K Footcandles 90 34 9
5500K Lux 1180 460 124
5500K Footcandles 102 40 10
6500K Lux 1180 460 124
6500K Footcandles 110 43 12

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