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Mackie Products at Lumio Marketplace - Canada

Lumio proudly offers Mackie products for sale through its website and retail outlets in Canada. We are an authorized Canadian Mackie dealer, with first-hand knowledge of their products, making us and excellent source for purchasing and advice.

About Mackie

The story of Mackie is the story of a company that is anything but ordinary. It’s the story of a boy with a dream. A dream to make a better sounding world. (Okay, he was a grown man, and he was mainly thinking about music, but it’s still cool.) It’s the story of a company that started with a small PA mixer and grew to become the go-to brand for recording, pro audio, live sound, podcasting, and content creation. And as we used to say back in the early days, it’s a story so compelling, so inspiring, you’ll have to pull your socks up after reading it.

Shop for Mackie products below, or email us if you’re not sure which one is right for you. We ship directly from Canada, and can also help facilitate warranty claims when necessary.