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Kondor Blue Premium Camera Accessories for Professionals – Available in Canada at Lumio

Lumio Electronics is proud to offer Kondor Blue cables and camera accessories online throughout Canada on our website, and locally in our Vancouver office. We like Kondor Blue! We believe they make excellent products for filmmakers and creative professionals – their products are fairly priced, and backed by a lifetime warranty, and, as fellow content creators we’re pretty happy about that!

About Kondor Blue

Kondor Blue is a film equipment supplier that has launched more than 300 products, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing camera accessory brands.Customer satisfaction has driven this success and made it possible to expand and serve creatives on every continent. 

As an organization, one of our core values is to give back.When you buy from Kondor Blue, you are part of our mission to both serve filmmakers with excellence and to make a larger impact in the world around us. Ten percent of earnings are donated to our current charity of focus.